is completely secured prioritizes its trader’s security. We ensure that your involvement in our website is beyond any doubt as secure as possible.
Discover how to remain secure while exchanging items on

Basic Safety Regulations/Tips

Make transactions in person. Inspect the item properly before completing the payment to the seller.
Always trade in parallel. A buyer or seller must ensure that they have met their demand before completing their deal.
Research the dealer. Prevent anything that seems suspicious about the pricing or the merchant.
Maintain confidentiality. Refrain from sharing your financial details that may well be abused.

Beware of Scammers and Fraud

Fraudulent payment offers. Deny all forms of online transactions unless it proves to be legit. Report any emails claiming to offer such administrations on behalf of our website. does not provide any sort of payment plot or assurance.
False data demands. Do not open or click on links or attachments in case you get suspicious texts or an email inquiring you to supply your personal details to us. does not contact requesting your individual data.
Additional expense demands. operates only in Bangladesh and is completely free of cost. Therefore, any additional service charge or carrying cost should be strictly prohibited during all purchase.
Demanding transaction through services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Ignore payments that request such administrations as they are not implied for exchanges between outsiders and numerous tricks are run through them.

Safety Management by

Your safety is our priority at
Our ceaseless work guarantees to:
Keep your email address and contact number confidential to secure you from receiving spam.
Update our system continuously and add more facilities to distinguish questionable activities.
Monitor unlawful business and operation to ban the violators from using this platform again.

Reporting Safety Violations/ Security Concerns

If you have got a web security concern, or somebody has acted improperly towards you, may it be a fraudulent act, it would be ideal for you to report your situation to us instantly. Moreover, we would suggest that you simply contact your local police department and file a complaint against fraud. does not share its client data around freely and thus prioritize in guaranteeing the protection of its clients. In any case, we are consigned to the security of our clients and agree to interact with the police division due to any demands for data in association with false or other illegal operations.