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Create a user account if you do not have one already. Sign In to your account and click on the “Post an ad” button. Your post will be visible once it is reviewed by the administration.

Sign in to your account and visit the link to your ad’s page. Select the ad you wish to delete and click on the “Delete” option.

Sign in to your account and visit the link to your ad’s page. Select the ad you wish to edit and click on the “Edit” option.

Sign in to your account at, open “Account Settings” and then click “Change Password” to enter a new password.

In case of a forgotten password, click on the “Forgot my password” option and continue with the steps that follow.

You can get access to your account at without a password, if you created it via Facebook or a Google account.

Ads have a total of 60 days till expiry. It may also be removed if you erase it earlier

You can find all your posted ads by clicking on “My Ads”.

But, your ads may not show up if it is still beneath audit - this will appear on “Ads beneath review” under “My Ads” section.

It may also have breached our posting rules - in that event your advertisement has to be altered in order to be distributed, this will appear on “Ads that require editing” under “My Ads” section.

You may have spent all your free ad remittance.

In case you have gotten held up longer than 24 hours and didn’t receive an answer, you might have provided us with inaccurate contact information when posting the add. Please consider posting the ad once again or contact us.

We survey each and every advertisement to make sure that none of our posting rules are being breached. In a case as such, your post will be rejected and all required changes will be enlisted within the dismissal email that has been sent to you

In a case as such, please contact us and we will take necessary actions to solve this problem.

We suggest you to take a look at our recommendations on how to sell quickly in case you are not getting reactions to your advertisements.

Various paid highlights and services are available at These assist you to publicize your advertisements and ensure your business has a greater online presence.

Strictly maintain the following:
The posted item or service must be legal and located in Bangladesh.
All contact details and offers should be legitimate.
Avert sharing unpleasant comments and pictures.
Use meaningful title, details and pictures relevant to the item.
Avoid sharing irrelevant URL links that is not connected to the product or service.
The same item or service cannot be shared again within 7 days.
Prevent sharing multiple items in a single post.
Keep away from posting jobs that facilitate working from home.
Avoid posting fake products, replicas of another company’s product.
You cannot modify or apply any sort of alterations once the ad is posted.

To open a user account, click “Sign up” and complete all the steps that follow. You can also get access to a user account via Facebook or your Google account. After completing all the steps, please verify your email address by clicking on the link that has been sent to you.

Simply visit our login page, enter your email address and password and click “Log in” to access your account. You can also click “Connect with Facebook” if you have created your account via Facebook.
Click the “Log out” option to log out of your account.

Visit the “Account Settings” page once you are logged in and change any details of your choice.

If you are having a problem as such, please check if you are signed up for a user account to You can also check if the email address and password entered is correct.
For further troubleshooting, please contact us.

You will be awarded a monthly allowance to post multiple free ads on Once all the allowance is spent, you can sign up for a membership to post more ads or wait for the allowance to be renewed next month.

Click on the Chat icon to exchange messages with others or check for received messages.

Paid administrations

You can enlist your item among the top listed advertisements by registering it to the “Top Ad” section. This will display your item at the top of all ads. For further details, please visit our “Promote ad” page. has specified 2 spots for the Top ads. In case you don’t find your ad in the “Top Ads” section, it implies that there are other ads enlisted and everyone is considered an equal chance to display their ads at the top.
Look through the next few pages or filter your search according to the category and location and witness your ad among the “Top Ads”.

This element raises your ad from its initial position back to the first page and displays it right after the Top ads. To learn more, please visit our “Promote ad” page.

A Membership at offers facilities that help you grow your business and broadcast it among a greater crowd of customers. Here you can get an official page to present your ad and many more. For further details, please visit our “Memberships” page.

A voucher helps you to purchase a “Top ad” or a “Daily Boost”. You can renew your voucher’s balance or get another voucher by contacting us. To get a voucher, tapthe“Promote ad” option and follow the necessary steps to “Get a voucher”. For further knowledge on vouchers, please contact us.
Kindly note, a voucher cannot be returned or exchanged.

Further Q&As

In case you are a user of Windows XP or earlier versions, you will need to set up Bangla Unicode into your device. Follow these steps to view in Bangla.
Download the complex installer.
Add Bangla fonts from their directory.
Copy the files to your “Fonts” directory.
After the installation is complete, refresh

Unless you have a built-in Bangla keyboard in your device, you could try the following.
In a computer, simply install Bangla typing software such as Avro Keyboard or Google Input Tools. You can also add an extension to your web browser.
In phones or tablets, go to Setting>System>Languages & Input>Keyboards>Virtual keyboard>GBoard. Select Bangla as language and tap “Done”.
You can also copy and paste your texts from any online keyboard such as Google Transliteration.

How to sell quick

Choose a fair price
  • Research well. Compare similar ads before pricing your items.
  • You don’t need to be the cheapest – however, you need to appear like the value to get the sale.
Click good photos
  • Share real photos. Customers pay more attention to the actual image than the ones from catalogue.
  • Make sure the picture is clear. Click with better lighting and highlight all important details.
Be genuine
  • Provide all necessary details. Think about what you would like to know as a buyer.
  • Be truthful about the product’s condition. Display any defects in photographs and in any descriptions you write.
Get your ad promoted
  • Gain more views by promoting your ad.
  • Higher views attract more customers. With plenty of interested buyers you are likely to get the sale for your desired price.
Think seasonal
  • Consider a good timing to post your ad.
  • Selling is easy if it is on customer demand. Update yourself about what the buyers are looking for.
Be Responsive
  • Make yourself available. Include all possible contacts for a customer to reach you.
  • Be generous and give time to your customers when they want to know more details about the product.

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